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Will the U.S. housing market come back to Earth in 2022?

The start of 2022 comes with a fresh reminder that the coronavirus pandemic is still evolving with the emergence of the omicron variant. COVID-19 continues to be a disruptive force in public health and the economy. It came as a surprise to some that the pandemic, rather than send the U.S. housing market into a […]

Greg Englesbe EMM Loans Record Year

Greg Englesbe reflects on record year for EMM Loans in 2021

When I established EMM Loans in 2004, I had a vision of building a personal and progressive residential mortgage lender that home buyers would rush to recommend. Our core mission was to put people first — ahead of any process — and be the lender that buyers deserve as they enter a pivotal chapter in […]

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Greg Englesbe Supports Victoria’s Voice Foundation with $10,000 donation

The staggering statistics of the opioid epidemic in the United States don’t even begin to tell the story of the suffering, loss and heartbreak felt by grieving families and communities across the country on a daily basis. A crisis that has been raging for years only deepened during the COIVD-19 pandemic, whose overwhelming impact on […]

‘Buyer fatigue’ may be cooling down the U.S. housing market

The historic combination of factors that produced soaring U.S. home prices and a hyper-competitive real estate landscape during the coronavirus pandemic will become a case study for the ages in the years to come. Homeowners who managed to sell at a significant markup may have seen their fortunes dramatically change for the better, making good […]

Commercial real estate shows record growth as pandemic recovery picks up speed

The starkest months of the coronavirus pandemic presented a sobering view of commercial real estate in the United States, with plummeting values across lynchpin sectors such as office buildings, hotels and malls that historically have been key investment properties. Other sectors saw significant growth during 2020 that was directly driven by the realities of such […]

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U.S. housing market faces ‘shock’ from end of mortgage forbearance — but no bubble, experts say

Pandemic policies have undoubtedly shaped the way the U.S. housing market has functioned throughout the health crisis, which has had countless ripple effects across different industries and walks of life. In the housing market, the most obvious headlines of the pandemic have been the soaring sale prices, bitter competition, vacation home boom and limited inventory […]