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Philly-area, New Jersey developers should embrace pandemic rush to suburbs

One of the most remarkable developments to come from the coronavirus pandemic has been the soaring suburban real estate market in regions across the United States. Perhaps nowhere has this trend been more evident than in the Philadelphia area and large parts of New Jersey, where median home prices have soared in 2020. In February, […]

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Facebook exec still bullish on commercial real estate amid pandemic woes

The future of commercial real estate has been among the most concerning topics for investors to consider during the COVID-19 crisis in the United States. With millions of people out of work and most companies sticking to virtual operations where possible, the market for office space faces a crossroads. Will the value of these leases […]

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Strategic conversion of vacant commercial space is a win for affordable housing

Large-scale crises have a way of exposing inefficiency and waste like no other economic trend can bring to our often-divided attention. The coronavirus pandemic has left thousands of commercial buildings vacant across the United States. Businesses that can have shifted to a virtual workplace, while others face the prospect of going under. Some will return […]

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Real estate brokers must be ready to embrace artificial intelligence

Very few industries can afford to remain static. Real estate is no exception. Innovation in other sectors, in due time, is bound to upend many of the norms that guide the information economy of markets around them. In the real estate world, the wave of big data and artificial intelligence has been steadily advancing on […]

COVID-19 could push rental property investment toward single-family homes

The long-term ramifications of the COVID-19 crisis on real estate investment will remain murky for the foreseeable future. As our behavior adjusts under shifting circumstances, many of the steps we take may be tentative. One area that has generated a mix of concern and excitement is the rental investment market, which could see competing influences […]