Greg Englesbe

Greg Englesbe Real Estate invests in COVID-stricken local arts community

Among those hit hardest during the COVID-19 pandemic are our artists and creatives who collectively lost millions of jobs since the public health crisis began last March. 

As the historians and philosophers of our culture, it’s vitally important that our artists and creatives are supported during these trying times. As many are considered non-essential jobs, the pandemic has hit the art industry harder than others, even though the arts industry is considered one of the three major contributors to our economy.

In an effort to help stimulate the local arts community during the COVID-19 crisis, Greg Englesbe Real Estate Consulting purchased a number of unique art pieces from Miami-based artist Diana Castellano, a young creative with a unique perspective that aims to represent the struggles of life through color, energy and symbolism. She started off painting large, eye-catching canvasses that eventually caught the attention of a small circle of Palm Beach entrepreneurs. Through word of mouth, her business quickly bloomed.

This contribution will allow Ms. Castellano to continue painting her culturally-significant work and serving as a connector between all of us as we work through the rest of COVID-19. 

“I’m humbled and delighted by this generous act of kindness,” said Diana Castellano. “Art is my passion, and as many artists can attest, this year has been particularly difficult. My art serves as a connection – between people, and the current state of our world, and it’s a privilege to serve as that connector during a time when social distancing is the norm.”

Diana Castellano, Artist

The lack of art and creativity produced throughout this year has been strongly felt within our community where art serves as not only a way to brighten our worlds, but to communicate a culturally-significant year in ways that words can’t convey. As beneficiaries of their work in good times and bad, we believe it is the responsibility of the community to support local artists when times get tough.

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