Greg Englesbe

Greg Engelsbe Real Estate continues support for Victoria’s Voice Foundation

The human toll of the opioid epidemic in the United States is sometimes a silent struggle next to the impact of a public health crisis on the scale of COVID-19.

Between the uncomfortable stigma of drug abuse and the weight of the grief that families must carry, it’s more critical than ever to give voice to an issue that urgently needs attention and resources.

Greg Engelsbe Real Estate Consulting has been a steady ally of the Victoria’s Voice Foundation, an organization created in the memory of 18-year-old Victoria Siegel.

Victoria died of a drug overdose near her parents’ home in Orlando, Florida in June 2015. Her brave and resilient parents, David and Jackie, launched a foundation to advocate for legislative change at all levels of government to reform drug policy. The organization also provides a powerful platform for survivors of addiction and those in recovery to share their stories as a means of inspiring, uplifting and bonding with others facing similar challenges.

Last weekend, I attended the foundation’s luncheon, auction and screening of “Queen of Versailles Reigns Again,” an inspiring event held to benefit Victoria’s Voice at Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach.

Greg Englesbe attending the Victoria’s Voice benefit at Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach

Jacqueline Siegel, Victoria’s mother, is an incredibly strong woman who has dedicated the past several years to making sure that other families have the tools they need to overcome addiction, cope with loss and find purpose in the fight for a better societal approach to these complex challenges.

One of the key initiatives of Victoria’s Voice is to push for expanded access to Naloxone, the powerful and life-saving overdose reversal drug that prevents people from the losing the chance to turn themselves around.

Other efforts include creating platforms on social media for people to talk about their recovery journeys, discourage drug use among teenagers and access educational videos that offer insight into the epidemic. The foundation also advocates for change by communicating with elected leaders on practical steps that can be taken to improve compassionate care in Florida and beyond.

We are proud to support these efforts and be part of a larger movement to save lives.