Supporting Curetivity is a Commitment to Uplifting Childhood Cancer Patients

There is no adequate preparation for a family to confront the devastation that comes with a pediatric cancer diagnosis. To learn that a young loved one will need to undergo cancer treatment is a heartbreaking discovery, one that requires immense resources for everyone involved to summon up the courage to face the unknown.

Supporting families through this incredible challenge is a societal responsibility. We all must band together and recognize that pediatric cancer could impact children and families who are close to us, turning the world upside down on a personal level.

Over the past few years, Greg Engelsbe Real Estate Consulting has been proud to support the great work done by Curetivity, a partner foundation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The non-profit has raised more than $25 million for the hospital, including $14 million from the foundation and $11 million from donors in connection with Curetivity’s fundraising efforts.

When we have opportunities to pay it forward, extending help to struggling families and the medical professionals who give them hope shows that childhood cancer is a collective weight. The health of our children is a priority that deserves our generosity and good will.

Nearly 16,000 children under 19 years old in the United States are diagnosed with cancer every year. Each of one of these children faces major life disruptions, demanding treatments and an uncertain path to survival, in many cases.

Together, we have the resources to ensure that cancer patients and their families get top-notch care and services.

The work that Curetivity supports at St. Jude is driving forward scientific collaboration that will arm our medical institutions with tools that can improve pediatric cancer outcomes. From fundamental research to enhanced clinical care, Curetivity and St. Jude are on the cutting edge of medicine that offers the kind of hope and promise these families need.

Donations have a tangible impact on the state of pediatric cancer care. Survival rates for many common childhood cancers — leukemia, lymphoma, brain and bone cancers — have climbed significantly over the last decade thanks to therapeutic advances. More than 80% of childhood cancer patients now become long-term survivors, meaning that every contribution to the field has a high likelihood of helping to save a life.

The decision to be an ally in the effort to fight pediatric cancer is an affirmation of life and a testament to the power of philanthropy. When we make intentional commitments to issues that are larger than us, we stay connected with a higher purpose that unites us as people.

Greg Englesbe Real Estate Consulting will continue to be an advocate for children and families who need help, and I encourage everyone to embrace causes that uplift us in the effort to build a better, healthier world.

Photo credit: Tara Winstead via

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